May 27, 2011

Getting sharper while falling in love with .Net Micro Framework

After many years of programming in AVR-GCC I decided to make the leap to .Net Micro Framework.


  1. I develop in C# everyday, I’m really really good at it.
  2. I’m tired of digging through data sheets setting registers!
  3. I want to use GOOD tools like Visual Studio!
  4. One word… BREAKPOINTS.image
  5. I’m tired of penny pinching RAM. Getting fast write time to FAT is really difficult on Arduino and kills half your RAM at least.
  6. Events rock.

Now, if someone wants something in C on AVR I am more than happy to oblige. I am developing a few things using LUFA as of late, but I’m going to start concentrating on learning .Net Microframework.

Projects I’m considering

  1. Porting all RockSat-X code to C#.
  2. ADB / ADK bridge for .Net Micro Framework.
  3. .Net MicroFramework Oscilloscope

Things I ‘m hoping to see fixed in future .Net MF.

  1. .Net support for analog ports. Everyone has their own implementation making writing emulators for analog REALLY HARD.
  2. Compiled mode and Interpreted mode. The JIT compilation engine is amazing. Understandably it wont fit on MF but why can’t my comp compile and spit down pure machine code rather than interpreting line by line.

A final note. I really think these could be a good option for education. Many schools teach programming and teach C#


  1. Hi Michael, would it be possible to contact you to discuss a little bit your arduino based data logger. I have some questions I'd like to ask you. 8 bits to 10 bits conversion in post processing? arduino mini use.

    Thanks a lot!
    Sylvain Poins
    spoinssot at gmail

  2. Hi

    DId you ever write the adb/adk interface?