Nov 1, 2010



The internet has been a buzz this week over what has been interpreted as the end of Silverlight .

While people may be reading into this more than it is, one thing seems apparent, Silverlight will not be coming to more platforms like Android, IOS, or a Microsoft supported Linux distribution.

So is Silverlight dead? In short NO, it will linger and maybe even excel on Microsoft platforms. Is the dream of Silverlight dead? YES.  In my eyes Silverlight was the ultimate expression of .Net goals, cross language, cross platform.  With the cross platform piece shrinking and dying my dream of what Silverlight could be and what it could do is gone.

What this really is, is the Windows and IE team taking care of business and banishing the most beautiful thing to supporting WP7.  If the Windows and IE team have that much power what else will they decide to take shots at?

Sadly from a business perspective, I can’t say what Microsoft is doing is bad business. Sure its not good to tick off devs and drop a product, but why keep paying for a product that causes political tension inside and outside Microsoft. Why not go with the flow, repurpose your assets and commit to what the world is telling you they want, HTML5.

So where do we go from here? Well being a developer who got the rug pulled out from under me, I’m starting to think PHP and Jscript, or maybe Node.Js! 

If WP7 doesn’t take off, this is all a moot point anyway, I definitely won’t be buying stocks in Microsoft until their 3 screen strategy is achieved and profitable.